My Diaz Style Client Reviews


“Myra has a great sense of fashion and style, and it’s been a joy and a tremendous benefit for me to work with her.  I chose to do the whole package – color analysis, closet editing and then shopping – what fun!  Myra helped me select great clothes, shoes and accessories to develop “my” style.  Now, instead of going to the closet and saying, “I don’t have anything to wear”, I have lots of great outfits to put together from all the pieces she helped me select, and best of all, I feel great in my new outfits!!   I will definitely be calling on her to help me this fall.  Thanks Myra.”

Susan H., Paradise Valley

“Myra, Myra, she is a glowing light in our life.  Beginning, with our first meeting, Myra dressed our daughter, Jennifer, for Los Angeles interviews.  Then, she transformed and updated my husband’s image, and my own.  Those oldies, but goodies in our closest are gone.  No regrets for us!

Now, when I go to my closet, every piece works together.  No longer do I stand there thinking, “What shall I where?”   As for my husband, I surprised him with a Myra Color & Image Package on Valentines Day! He was immediately intrigued with Myra’s process to eliminate clutter in his closet.  When he emerges with his new updated style, I know Myra helped him look dashing with her classic gentile look.  Best of all, he feels special!

Myra creates beautiful design for others.  Everything she chooses for a client infuses her thought for the client’s personal style.  Defining chic with contemporary style,

Myra “is” coming into her own as a image stylist!   Her success with clients will highlight their life, and, magnify her abilities as a stunning stylist!”

 Sherrod Deputy, Scottsdale, AZ

“My new clothing mantra for 2013 is, What would Myra do? After recently completing her package offering of a closet analysis, personalized colors, and a fabulous and fun shopping trip, I feel much more confident in selecting and wearing a wardrobe that looks and feels great. Whether it was putting together things I already owned or venturing into new clothing options, Myra’s keen sense of style magically made outfits appear. She has definitely taken the stress out of deciding what to wear each day. Even my husband commented that he really likes the new look! Can’t wait to do another shopping trip with her for Spring and Summer clothes. Thanks Myra!”

Janice W., Scottsdale, AZ

“At age 46, I found myself in a bit of an identity crisis. I had returned to the 8-to-5 world after working from home, and I didn’t know how to dress. I am a manager for an Internet company, but my wardrobe suggested I was a soccer mom who needed to lose weight.

Myra helped me reconnect with myself. We tore up my closet and got rid of every unflattering piece. When she took me shopping, I nearly cried because for the first time in a long time I saw “pretty” looking back at me in the mirror. Myra knows her stuff, and she has a very gentle yet direct way of saying “I don’t like that on you.” I trust her completely. ”

Noelle S., Scottsdale, AZ

“As an interior designer I work with clients all day and really never have time to shop for myself. I was in desperate need for someone that could help to update my style as well as keeping it age appropriate. Initially, Myra did a wardrobe assessment. She created a list of pieces to add to my existing wardrobe. I was on a budget and she was able to stick to it. Her insight into styles that would improve my overall look were very impressive. Myra knew exactly how to enhance my style without having to do a complete overhaul. I would recommend Myra to anyone who needs to shop for a special occasion or just to update your existing wardrobe.”


Melissa Parsons, Scottsdale, AZ

“While on a shopping trip with my daughter we met Myra at Nordstroms.She took the time to talk with my daughter about the events she would be attending and intuitively new what would work for her size,body type and coloring.Myra had knowledge of designers that would match her diverse lifestyle from formal to casual to the outdoors.We were both very satisfied with her work!!

I have recommended her services to my friends and family.”


Sara Nevers Hilf

“Travel is my passion but packing for an extended trip makes me crazy. Prior to a three-week trip to Europe, I sent out an SOS to Myra. After listening intently and assessing my closet, Myra set out to make my travel wardrobe flexible and hassle-free. She took timeless, well-tailored pieces from my existing wardrobe and thoughtfully selected new items to expand and enhance my options. The result was one suitcase full of combinations to take me from country hike to elegant dinner, day after day.”

Beth J.

“Myra is straight forward, well informed and has an eye for what suits her customer. She helped me thin out my wardrobe, and chose outfits that suited my body shape and personality. It was a great experience finding clothes that make me look good!

I will definitely work with Myra again.”

Sheila Fankhauser DC Ranch Scottsdale, AZ

I am 41 and was in desperate need to update my wardrobe.  I was still trying to dress like I was 27 when not at work, looked bland and conservative while at work and often just opted for gym clothes anytime I was not in the office because it was what was most easy. I found myself shopping at White House…you know that is the end of you when you and your mother are shopping at the same store!  I would buy pieces I liked but then not know how to put together outfits. I thought all I needed was help in my closet, but I am so very glad that I started with a color analysis.

When you are younger you pick colors you like but I was noticing in pictures that my outfits…especially color…really made a difference on how I looked overall. Myra worked up my personal color wheel which helps me to make better choices and understand why I look better in some colors and not so good in others.  She spent a few hours in my closet to get to know me and my different outfit needs (sophisticated and stylish for work, conservative but stylish for kid activities, sexy nights out, motorcycle riding, etc.).

Myra is so nice and easy to talk to.  I will admit I am very judgy of people, especially women and especially when I am paying for services, but with Myra I was comfortable with her almost right away. She was professional, honest, upbeat and fun! It is like shopping with a close friend who isn’t afraid to give you fashion advise or tell you something doesn’t look good on you and why 🙂

On another day we did some shopping together.  She had several pieces already picked out and nearly every one in the perfect size and fit. Having her go ahead to the store and pick things out really saved a lot of time and energy on my part and it really made me feel like a little princess being well taken care of.  Most things I would never have picked out on my own but ended up looking fabulous.

After our first shopping trip we met back at my closet and worked on putting it all together with items I already had in my wardrobe. That was a huge help in getting me thinking of all of this on my own too. She has helped me to bring my wardrobe up to date and really improve my use of accessories.  I have always worn silver because I liked it…who knew that gold looked so much better with my skin and hair and it really does. We have done a few shopping trips and my wardrobe is gradually improving and when I am out shopping I know more what to look for.  After paying for the color analysis I have been purchasing blocks of hours. Myra is also very honest keeping track of the time she spends so I don’t feel as if I need to keep any tabs on it. I really don’t have time to shop so what I pay her to do some pre-shopping for me is well worth the investment because I know I am going to get good quality, useful pieces.  I am actually saving by not just adding more unusable items to my closet.

Myra has gained my trust and I look forward to having her help me as the seasons change. I am also going to have her provide some packing assistance on a few upcoming long trips as I hear she is really great at that too!

Tresha Baldwin